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A riddle wrapped inside an enigma wrapped inside a taco.

She's twenty-three, she kayaks, and they're real.

castiel's trench coat
7 July 1989
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I'm Nicole, guess you stumbled upon me. This is my blog, creative outlet, journal... whatever. I talk about life, fandoms, and there's of course the occasional rant and issue related post as well. I'm twenty two years young, from a bodunk town in the mid-west and obviously VERY bad at talking about myself or this might be a bit more insightful. :P I have aspirations, yeah. They involve mostly writing and playing music. I'm also studying to be an LPN and take on the task and duties as a lucrative career. I'm an artist of trades, probably not the best you've seen - but I strive to evolve. I have my guilty pleasures, including fandoms and some controversial stuff you'd either hate, love, or smack me for. I'm loyal to a fault and I've got a mean reputation for speaking my mind.


I don't have many rules for my journal. I expect your journal not to be a ghost town, and for you to comment... at least every once in a while. If it seems like I have trouble keeping up with your entries, don't berate me, my f-list is hard to sort through. If I make any graphics I expect to be credited, and if i talk about anything you don't agree with I expect not to be insulted or harassed. I'm respectful of everyone's views and I expect to be treated the same. I don't want any flaming or bashing on my comments either. I don't care who you are. No one has the right to treat someone like that.


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